Taylor Hospitality, an innovative leader in hospitality management, is pleased to announce the appointment of Carlos Ramirez as the new Sous Chef for Oxley House Cocktail Bar and Restaurant, located within the beautifully restored Tygart Hotel in Elkins, West Virginia. The Oxley House is set to open its doors later this month, much to the anticipation of culinary enthusiasts

Sean Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of Taylor Hospitality, stated, “We are excited to bring Carlos Ramirez to Elkins and the Oxley House. His background and commitment to excellence aligns with our vision for the restaurant and cocktail bar. The collaboration between Chef Anthony and Carlos is set to imbue the Oxley House with a level of creativity and culinary excellence.”

Originally from Marshall, Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C., Ramirez brings a wealth of culinary expertise and passion to his new role. From a young age, he displayed a keen interest in cooking, driven by a desire to understand the science behind it. Inspired by the original “Iron Chef” television show, Ramirez dreamt of cooking at the highest level and challenging renowned chefs.

Ramirez’s culinary journey began when he joined the kitchen scene as a teenager, working alongside his mother, who was a kitchen manager at Hunter’s Head, an English Pub in Upperville, Virginia. Starting off on the salad/prep station, he honed his skills at various mom-and-pop restaurants in Marshall, building a solid foundation for his career.

In 2018, Ramirez moved to Syracuse, NY, where he secured a position at The Sherwood Inn, an upscale restaurant known for its exceptional service. After the pandemic, he returned to Virginia and joined “L’Auberge Provencal” in White Post, Virginia, a renowned French Fine Dining establishment. Starting as a breakfast cook, Ramirez worked his way up to become a Sous Chef, learning new techniques and methods of cooking. He credits Pastry Chef Amber Clemm for his extensive knowledge of pastries and breads, with Focaccia being his personal favorite.

Ramirez further expanded his expertise as an Intern Chef at The GoodStone Inn in Middleburg, Virginia. After rewriting the menu as the Intern Chef, he was offered a position at Heritage Hunt Golf Course, where he had the opportunity to learn from Chef Anthony and continue his culinary education through self-study. 

Expressing his excitement about joining Oxley House, Ramirez looks forward to working under the guidance of Executive Chef Anthony and bringing his unique skills and creativity to the table. He is eager to serve the Elkins community and visitors from near and far, aiming to create an elevated dining experience.

In referencing their prior collaboration, Executive Chef Anthony expresses great anticipation for what lies ahead. “Working with Carlos at Heritage Hunt Golf Course was a testament to his potential and growth. I’m thrilled to have Carlos’s talents, freshly sharpened by our friendship, at the forefront of the Oxley House’s culinary operations.”

Taylor Hospitality is proud to bring the Oxley House Cocktail Bar and Restaurant to Elkins, further enhancing the city’s vibrant culinary scene. Whether guests are seeking a quick drink or an evening of entertainment, the Oxley House promises to deliver an exceptional experience. Come and experience the essence of West Virginia at the Oxley House, where warm hospitality and exquisite cuisine await. Taylor Hospitality is delighted to welcome Carlos Ramirez to the team and is confident that his culinary expertise will contribute to the success of Oxley House Cocktail Bar and Restaurant. 

For more information about the Oxley House, visit www.tygarthotel.com/dine.